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Roman Denarius Pendant with Sapphires

Roman Denarius Pendant with Sapphires

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Product Details:
  • Sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold
  • Genuine precious sapphires
  • Certified ancient coin (certificate of authenticity included with purchase)
  • Chain is not included

Coin Details:

  • Circa 189-180 BC
  • Minted in Rome, Italy
  • Denomination: Denarius
  • Obverse: Head of Roma facing right, wearing winged helmet. X (mark of value) behind head
  • Reverse: Victory in biga. The diccuri-SV, Q below

Fun Facts: A Roman foot soldier (legionary) received a payment of one third of one denarius to be put toward equipment maintenance and daily expenses. Equites (or cavalry who provided their own horses) were allotted one denarius per day for the care of their horses.

Roma, pictured on the obverse of the coin, was a female deity who personified the city of Rome and the Roman state at large. She appears on the base of the column of Antoninus Pius and is known as the patron goddess of Rome. She's been seen as a goddess, near-saint, and symbol of civilization itself. She remains the oldest continuous political-religious symbol in Western civilization. 


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