Jewelry Repair

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When something goes wrong and your fine jewelry breaks, you want to know that you'll have it fixed by the best.

At Design House Jewelry Studio, we offer a long list of comprehensive jewelry repair services to our valued customers. Our highly trained jewelers have extensive training that is needed to effectively and correctly repair fine jewelry. You can trust that when you choose us, the job will be done right. Following is a little more information about a few of the jewelry repair services we have to offer in our Waco,TX studio.

Ring Resizing

When your ring doesn’t fit you comfortably, you will likely wear it less often. You are either fearing that it will slip off your finger or it is tight and uncomfortable to wear. At Design House Jewelry Studio, we use the latest technology in ring sizing to ensure the job is done right. When we are done resizing your ring, we will make sure there are no weaknesses in the band or the setting so that your ring is still safe, but fits much better.

Stone Tightening & Replacement Services

It is disheartening when you happen to lose one of the stones set in your fine jewelry. If you have any stones that are loose or have been lost, you can rely on our team of jewelry experts to tighten those stones so that you can avoid losing them. We are here to replace and rebuild prongs when needed.

Ring & Jewelry Prong Repair

As the prongs on your fine jewelry are constantly bumped or have started to erode, you may have prong damage that will leave your stones susceptible to falling out and getting lost. Prong repair can be done a couple of ways; the prongs can be built up using more precious metal or the entire setting can be replaced. Both of these methods have their benefits and the experts at Design House Jewelry Studio will make recommendations for which one is the best fit for your piece.

Gold & Other Metal Necklace Chain Repair

Chain repair is one of the most common jewelry repairs that we see at Design House Jewelry Studio. While repairing your chain isn’t an expensive or difficult thing for our expert jewelers, when you have lost a valuable pendant because of a broken chain it can be devastating. We will do our best to give you our recommendations for chain durability so that you can avoid this problem altogether.

Necklace & Bracelet Clasp Repair

Because the gold that is often used to create fine jewelry is so soft, the clasps and other moving parts of your jewelry can fail at times. Sometimes these clasps just need to be tightened, but there are times that they need to be completely replaced as well.

Pricing for jewelry repair varies based on materials needed, labor required, and other specificities, but we will happily provide an estimate before taking in your jewelry for repair. 

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