Custom Jewelry Design

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At Design House Jewelry Studio, we know how important it is that your jewelry looks just as you have envisioned it.

Often, you have an idea what you want your jewelry to look like before you ever step foot into a jewelry store. When you can’t find that particular style, it can be disheartening. Other times, you simply want what no-one else has.

Our team of talented jewelry designers work hand in hand with our valued customers throughout every step of the design process. Each piece is created using the highest quality craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations. When you work with us to create your one of a kind piece this is what you can expect from the process:

Step 1: Custom Jewelry Ideas & Design

When you choose Design House Custom Jewelry Studio to build your custom jewelry, we work hand in hand with you every step of the way. We will make a rough sketch together that will bring your piece to life before your eyes. This is the time to make any changes big or small to your custom piece as you get to watch your vision become a reality.

Step 2: Wax Model of Jewelry Concept

Before Design House Custom Jewelry Studio makes your custom piece, we will make a wax model that you will approve. If it isn’t exactly as you had imagined it, we will make the necessary changes to ensure you are completely happy with the appearance before making the final product.

Step 3: Custom Jewelry Casting

Whether you have chosen your jewelry to be made from gold, white gold or other precious metal, this is when your piece will be cast by our master jewelers.

Step 4: Jewelry Mounting & Setting

Once the setting has been cast, now it is time to set the stone/stones. No matter what type of gemstone or diamond you have chosen, this piece of jewelry will have been designed to fit it perfectly.

Step 5: Final Polishing of Finished Jewelry Piece

After the gemstone has been set, we will do the final polish of the piece. At this point, your custom piece of jewelry will finally be complete. At Design House Custom Jewelry Studio, it is our pleasure to see our client’s faces light up as they hold the jewelry that we have worked together to create. You can count on the entire process taking only 3-4 weeks to complete, and then you will be enjoying your one of a kind piece.

View our fine jewelry gallery for inspiration!

Get in touch with our jewelry artists today to begin your custom design process by sending an email to or giving us a call/text at (254) 717-7431.