At Design House Jewelry Studio, your happiness and style are our top priorities! Take a look at our frequently asked questions below to learn more about our materials and policies. Don't see the question you're looking for? Give us a call or text at (254) 717-7431 or send an email to ilikestones2@yahoo.com.

How long does it take to have a custom piece of jewelry made?

  • Great question! Depending on the style, materials involved, your personal timeframe, and other factors like trading gold towards a piece and our current design work load, the design process can take upwards of six weeks from initial consultation to the finished product. Schedule a design consultation to get started by sending a text to (254) 717-7431! 

Can I return purchased items if I don't like them or they don't fit?

  • We are happy to offer exchanges for like items and, in some cases, store credit within 30 days. View this page for more info about our refund policy. Shipping charges will apply in most cases. We want you to love and adore your selections!

Will my jewelry tarnish?

  • Sterling silver jewelry is timeless and can last a lifetime. Here's some information about how to take care of it and prevent it from tarnishing: Overtime, any sterling silver piece exposed to air will tarnish. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Silver tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity. Chemicals like hairspray, perfume, deodorant, body lotion, cleaners, etc., can speed up the tarnishing process. Be mindful to keep silver away from vinegar, olives, and fruit juice. One of the best ways to keep sterling silver jewelry beautiful is to wear it!

How should I store my jewelry?

  • We recommend storing your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dark place away from sources of sunlight, heat, and moisture. We use small, resealable bags, and remove as much air as possible. Don't leave your silver jewelry in the bathroom or wear it in the shower, pool, hot tub, or while working out. Humidity and moisture tarnish silver faster. After taking off your jewelry for the day, clean it with a dry, soft polishing cloth before putting it back in your jewelry box. 
Do you hand make all your jewelry?
  • 90% of the jewelry we carry is handmade, whether it's by us or our vendor friends like Brett Lauren, Dian Malouf, and Catherine Page. 

How quickly do you ship?

  • Our processing time is 3-5 business days (excluding Sundays and Mondays when our studio is closed) and the shipping time is 2-3 business days through USPS Priority Mail. Please contact us for expedited shipping options through UPS. 

Do you ship internationally?

  • Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

My jewelry broke. Can you fix it?

  • Oh, no! We're happy to help repair jewelry you purchased with us. Stop by our studio or ship your piece back to us. Shoot us an email at ilikestones2@yahoo.com or a text at (254) 717-7431.

Do you buy stones?

  • At this time, we don't buy stones, however, we do sell them! We have dozens of wonderful precious and semi-precious gemstones to choose from. Get in touch at (254) 717-7431 to learn more.

Do you repair watches?

Are you able to donate to my charity event?

  • Design House is honored to be apart of the Waco community for over 15 years! We strive to give back as much as we can through a variety of donations, including Shepherd's Heart Food Pantry, Compassion Ministries, Fuzzy Friends, Meals on Wheels, The Historic Waco Foundation, The Waco Chamber, and countless food drives and community events. We strongly believe in paying it forward and hope to continue to support our community, but we are also a small, locally owned business with limited resources. We appreciate your inquiry and understanding!

Don't see your question listed here? Feel free to reach out to us via email at ilikestones2@yahoo.com or by giving us a call/text at (254) 717-7431.