Our Favorite Gemstones: Moonstone

Our Favorite Gemstones: Moonstone

Moonstone is a gorgeous gemstone that has been pushing to the forefront of jewelry in recent years. However, its ability to bring out silver with its spectacular colors has been capturing our attention since the ancient times. Moonstone is just like its name - out of this world! 

With an almost extraterrestrial like glow from adularescence caused by light scattering from its multiple layers of microscopic feldspar, moonstone can be found in many colors. At Design House Studio we carry an assortment of rainbow moonstone along with some pieces colored in peach and white hues. Moonstone can also be green, brown, gray, clear/colorless, and even orange!

Moonstone can be found in the United States, Mexico, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Germany, India, Myanmar, and Brazil. This stone dates back to being found all the way in ancient times. Both ancient Rome and Greece portrayed moonstone as a stone of goddesses. 

The alternate birthstone for the month of June, moonstone has many healing properties. It is the stone for new beginnings and helps bring inner strength and growth when one is ready to start fresh. Moonstone helps to soothe emotional turmoil and stress, it will balance out one's emotions and bring calmness. A stone so powerful is also sure to promote inspiration even bringing success to business matters. 


The screen loves moonstone too! This beautiful gem has been featured in movies and tv shows many times over the years, so you’ve probably come across it.

  • In the movie Twilight, Bella Swan can be seen wearing a moonstone ring. 
  • The character Blair Woldorf from Gossip Girl was spotted wearing moonstone earrings.
  • On the hit tv show The Vampire Diaries, moonstone is featured as an important element bringing together protagonist and antagonist.

Design House Jewelry Studio incorporates moonstone into a variety of beautiful jewelry pieces. Check out our website to see our assortment of moonstone earrings. We even have a wide selection of different moonstone rings if you want to get your Twilight on! Be sure to come to visit us at our new studio and fall in love with your next moonstone piece. 

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