How to Create Your Wedding Vision Board

How to Create Your Wedding Vision Board


Wedding vision boards are a fun way to express your style and determine your goals for your wedding. From the dress to the cake to the table settings, vision boards allow you to design your whole wedding aesthetic from start to finish. These boards are essential in picking a theme and sticking to it, as well as determining what wedding styles you do and don’t like. If you’re a visual person, a wedding board can help simplify the planning process for you.

We’ve compiled a few simple steps below for you to create the wedding vision board of your dreams:

cork board with images of wedding accessories

1. Examine.

Start by taking stock of what wedding or bridal items you already have, or what trends to which you are immediately drawn. Your engagement ring and personal everyday style are great starting points for this process to determine what looks and colors speak to you. Keep in mind that the season of your wedding makes a big difference in colors and dresses you’d want.

Are you a modern, minimalist bride? A maximalist? Are you into bright colors or soft pastels? What about your partner? Start a fun conversation with your future spouse about their dreams for the ceremony and reception. It’s a good time to talk about traditions they want to honor, or rules they’d rather disregard. What pieces of your wedding matter the most to you?

2. Explore. 

This is the best part! Find pictures you love, whether they’re of dresses, venues, or color palettes. Pinterest is always a fantastic starting point for the digital-minded bride, but bridal magazines are an excellent resource if you’re more of a pen-and-paper gal. Exploring your style and looking at trending wedding ideas is all part of the process. If it’s wedding jewelry you’re after, go ahead and add your favorite pieces to your Design House wishlist, or take some photos off our website for inspo.

Also, consider talking to family and friends about things they loved about their weddings, or anything they wish they would’ve added. You can learn a lot from former brides in terms of style mistakes or ways to save money. Feel free to split up your board into practical dreams like budgeting tips and the non-practical fun stuff like theme or dress inspiration. Now is the time to dream big and create a wedding look you love!

3. Organize.

Compiling and organizing your ideas in a way that makes sense to you is the best way to synthesize your thoughts. You can choose a physical cork board of images, a scrapbook, or a Pinterest board, among other things. Zola, Knot, and Brides, are all great places to look for bridal tips and tricks, and see how other brides chose to organize their wedding ideas.

Finishing touches for your board could be actual images from vendors in your area, showing cakes they’ve made or dresses that are available for purchase. Once you’ve organized all of your images or quotes in a logical way, examine your handiwork and see if it works as a cohesive whole. Remember that the best wedding is one that represents you and your spouse’s relationship and values. So go with the aesthetic and style that fits you the best.

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