Design House's Guide to Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry

Design House's Guide to Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry

Did you know there’s a theme to each wedding anniversary year? This makes it pretty simple to gift your significant other with something memorable and meaningful! Whether you have an anniversary coming up or just want to be prepared when those special moments arrive, we’re going to break down the special stones and themes for each wedding anniversary!

First: Gold

The first wedding anniversary is simple: gold. Traditionally, yellow or white gold or thought of for this year’s celebration, but, hey! It’s 2021! Let’s add rose gold to the mix as well. Gold gives lots of room for custom design. Create a simple necklace with a gold bar or start a gold paper clip chain to hang fun charms from. The alternative jewelry gift options for the first year are peridot and pearl. Pearls are timeless for a reason and peridot adds fun color to any outfit! 

Fifth: Sapphire

Did you know sapphire comes in a rainbow of colors? While the traditional royal blue is stunning and classic for a reason, shaking things up with a simple yellow sapphire band would be unique and unexpected. View our one-of-a-kind sapphire jewelry options for your fifth wedding anniversary here

Tenth: Diamond

Something tells us that no matter what year you’re celebrating, diamonds would be appreciated and even encouraged. Keep it simple with diamond earring studs, something that can be worn daily with any outfit, or jazz it up with our Branches ring, which can be built with sentimental diamonds of your own or ours.

Twentieth: Emerald

A vibrant, precious gemstone, emerald marks the twentieth wedding anniversary. Shake things up with a modern design with this Colombian emerald ring, handmade right here in our studio. Keep it classic and timeless with this emerald and diamond band, perfect to wear with a wedding set!

Thirtieth: Pearl

Pearls are a favorite at Design House, and for good reason. They match with everything and add a timeless, classic touch to any outfit. Shop our amazing pearl options, from dark and interesting Tahitian pearls to blush tone Edison pearls and more! 

Fortieth: Ruby

Ruby, one of the four precious gemstones, comes in a wide range of beautiful red and pink hues, giving couples lots of opportunity for matching jewelry sets and memorable pieces to mark the occasion! Rubies are rare and have lots of character, making them even more special.

Fiftieth: Gold

Just like year one, the fiftieth wedding anniversary theme is gold. The possibilities are truly endless with this one. From simple gold stackable bands to customizable gold bar necklaces, gold jewelry (whether white, rose, or yellow) is never going out of style. And, just like 50 years of marriage, it’s long-lasting and enduring.

What’s been your favorite anniversary gift so far in your life? Do you like the themes given for each year or is your favorite gemstone missing? Follow Design House on Instagram and Facebook for more jewelry fun facts and let us know how you’re celebrating your anniversaries in the comments below.

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