All About Sapphires; September's Birthstone

All About Sapphires; September's Birthstone

It’s no secret that the Design House team loves working with sapphires. Their complex coloring and durability make them one of our absolute favorites. Have you seen Linda’s gorgeous yellow sapphire?? Take a look at some of the reasons we adore September’s birthstone below.

The Royal Stone

Sapphires, first discovered in 1881 in Kashmir, have often been thought to represent royalty. Ancient Persians even believed and the earth itself rested on a massive Sapphire, which in their ideology, was the reason the sky was blue. A landslide in 1881 unveiled the stunning Sapphires we know and love to this day. Over the next five years countless Sapphire crystals were found in Kashmir and used. Aside from Kashmir, Myanmar and Sri Lanka are also well known producers of Sapphire. In more recent years, they have also been found in Australia, Cambodia, and Madagascar. 

Just one example of Sapphires being worn by royalty is the late Princess Diana. She was often seen wearing Sapphires; Her engagement ring was even a striking 12 carat Sapphire surrounded by diamonds. This ring can now be seen on Princess Diana’s daughter in law, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. 

The beautiful blue Sapphire is what many first think of, but did you know that they are a rainbow stone and can come in many unique colors?

Sapphires & Anniversaries 

When used in an engagement ring they are associated with loyalty, which makes them an excellent gift for a 5th or 45th wedding milestone. Being a 9 on the Mohs scale also makes them an appropriate stone to be used for rings or bracelets. 

Sapphires offer their owner the gift of mental focus which helps them to concentrate and enforce self discipline in order to reach their goals. They also aid in heightening the intuition of the owner. Wearing Sapphire encourages the wearer to engage in clear communication styles and unashamed self-expression. 

At Design House we enjoy working with the many shades of sapphire. Stop by and see what we’ve been working on. We’re open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6!

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