All About July's Birthstone: Ruby

All About July's Birthstone: Ruby

Rubies, the second hardest stone right after diamond, are one of the most sought after gemstones for their beauty and healing properties. It is commonly referred to as the ‘King of Precious Stones’ because of its long-lasting chemical makeup and classic, timeless appeal.

At Design House, the wide range of coloring makes rubies ideal to work with, especially with how they stand out when set in 14kt gold, like this gorgeous pear cut ruby ring. Their coloring ranges from an almost bright, vivid pink to deep red.

Rubies were first found in Myanmar and have now been mined there for more than five centuries. These stones are thought to bring the wearer wealth, wisdom and success in love. If you have found yourself in a rut, whether it be in work or social life, Ruby is said to bring its owner out of this spell by bringing joy and passion to all aspects of their life. It also increases motivation and productivity. They fuel the mindset of abundance and help the wearer feel confident and powerful.

Ancient Native Americans believed that Rubies could predict misfortune or danger. Since Rubies naturally stand out with their deep coloring, some people can avoid them for that reason alone, but they don’t have to; Our simple and sweet 14kt studs are perfect for the minimalist jewelry lovers. 

They have often been associated with wealth and power. Rubies are commonly given for 15th or 40th wedding anniversary gifts as they are a stone that represents love and passion. 

Check out the custom ruby and diamond anniversary set we created for one of our amazing customers below. If you have either of these anniversaries approaching or you just feel like you need to find some motivation or passion for your everyday life, come and see us at Design House, Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6!

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