Why we love the 254

Why we love the 254

Recently, we launched our 254 Jewelry & Crystal box, designed to celebrate Waco and all of the wonderful things that make us memorable and unique. In doing so, our amazing customers let us know what they love most about #WacoTown and why we call this incredible city home:

Photo by Jed Owen

"Waco is home! No matter where I go, I always find a connection back to Waco." -Kim

One of the things we love about this city is how many people are connected to it. Some of our team members have met long lost relatives while out and about in the city, and many of us have traveled the world and made connections with people who have roots in Waco.

"My favorite thing about Waco is the amazing unique artists and creatives here! I have been absolutely delighted to just dig through and marvel at all the talent in this wonderful community." - Whitney

We've been absolutely amazed at the artistry coming out of the woodworks across Waco. From the colorful murals scattered around town to all of the artist markets showcasing the many talents of local business owners and makers, there's no shortage of creativity and ingenuity in Waco.

Photo by Sierra Bell

"I love the small town feel of Waco! I love telling out-of-towners I'm from Waco and having them ask if I know xxxx person because often times I do! ❤ Waco is a beautiful city with a fun vibrant downtown; gorgeous park, river, zoo and lake; outstanding higher education on lovely campuses; and talented local artists." - Celeste

We always say that Waco is the smallest big city in Texas! If you're out and about downtown or grabbing the essentials from H-E-B, you're likely to run into someone you know. With a growing population of almost 150,000 (and no signs of slowing down), we're confident Waco will always have that small town feel.

Photo by David Holifield

"I love Waco because you never know what is going to happen next. From one friend to another--as Waco grows, friendships grow."

We couldn't agree more with this one. As Waco continues to transform and expand, we're excited to see what happens next. We know it'll be something fabulous and fitting for our home!

"Waco is a friendly town. People speak even though they do not know you."

And let's keep it that way! You can easily make new friends while exploring Waco. Everyone can find common ground in loving this changing city and wanting to preserve what makes it truly unique.

What do you love most about Waco? What are you excited to see in Waco's future? And why are you proud to call this place home? Let us know in the comments below or reach out through Instagram or Facebook.  

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