Viva Las Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas!


You know what they say about Vegas… Have a blast, take risks, and buy too many gemstones! We are so thrilled to have been a part of JCK Events 2021. To say we enjoyed our trip is an understatement. From the gorgeous, rare gemstones to the insightful, memorable JCK Talks with leaders of the industry, we had the trip of a lifetime. 


From dazzling bicolor tourmalines to beautifully cut ametrine, we had to stop ourselves from drooling all over the hundreds of trays of precious stones. Bethany finally found her morganite (among other stones) and we brought back amazing treasure for custom designs. 


In between working the showroom floor and scouring for specific stones, we had some of the best meals of our lives. Estiatorio Milos offers wonderfully curated Mediterranean options in a peaceful, sleek atmosphere. The staff anticipated our every move, making for an attentive, enjoyable experience. Our favorite dinner spot swiftly became Mott 32, a modern dim sum lounge that offers the best Chinese food Vegas has to offer! Ask for Valentino and order the cucumber appetizer… you won’t regret it!


We’ve been researching and studying the latest industry reports and were pleasantly surprised to see most of our predictions at the show, including rainbow gemstone jewelry, evil eye designs, lots of paper clip chains, and gorgeous statement collar pieces that are absolute show-stoppers. Everyone had their own twist on each trend and we loved seeing everyone’s individual takes on what’s fashionable at the moment.

Above all, we’re grateful to be here another year and to have the opportunity to socialize, celebrate, and grow with other members of our industry in safe and memorable ways. This year’s show was an incredible way to ease back into our regularly scheduled programs and we can’t wait to show you what we brought back!

Stop by our studio Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, to check out all the new treasures and hear some fun (and maybe shocking!) stories about our adventures.

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