Jewelry Styles We Love: Ancient Coin Jewelry

Jewelry Styles We Love: Ancient Coin Jewelry

ancient coing earrings waco tx

Have you ever seen a beautifully unique ancient coin?

They are truly something to behold and many of them are one of a kind. If you are an avid coin collector and don’t want to keep your coins hidden away and unnoticed, our experienced artists at Design House Jewelry Studio offer a way to put them in the forefront and make a memorable statement piece out of them. Our talented team of artisans can design and fabricate unique shipwreck coin jewelry piece just for you.

custom ancient coin jewelry piecesWe make custom, authentic sunken treasure coin jewelry.

The sea is home to a multitude of ancient coins that are presumably lost forever; that is until someone is brave enough to go searching for them. These coins found deep in the sea are then turned into pieces of fine art as the experts at Design House Custom Jewelry Studio create jewelry with the spotlight on them.

Each piece tells a wonderful story.

Creating and wearing a custom ancient coin piece of jewelry means that you're walking around with a rich piece of history on you! We have some coins that are as old as 100 B.C., like our ancient Widow's Mite necklace. Biblical scholars agree that widow's mite coins were bronze leptons and prutahs, which were in circulation during the lifetime of Christ and are similar coins referred to by Jesus in the famous Bible store of the "Poor Widow's Mite."  

widow's mite ancient coin necklace

Gold or silver genuine ancient coin jewelry - the possibilities are endless!

ancient coin custom jewelry waco, txWhether you are looking for a piece set in 14kt gold, 18kt gold or sterling silver, we will ensure you won’t find any other piece like it.

We have a variety of precious stones that can also help accent these magnificent finds. This is one of the most beautiful ways to preserve this piece of history and make the perfect gift for those you

Two-tone pieces pair well with everything.

One of the amazing things about our custom ancient coin jewelry pieces is that they match with EVERYTHING! Most of the pieces are two tone (though they can be customized to be solid gold or silver) so your custom piece can become a staple to your everyday wear, or you can use them to dress up a night out!

ancient coins custom necklace

Whatever your preferred style, we're confident our team of talented artists can help make your ancient coin dreams come true. Whether you have a sentimental coin of your own to use or would like to look at our selection of amazing ancient coins, we're excited to be apart of your jewelry story.

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Ooh, nice! Well, the fact that we could even transform ancient coins into personalized jewelry excites me a bit. Okay, let me find a reputable seller to make a purchase very soon. I wanna buy something like that for my wife since she’s such a huge fan of old coins.!/store/ancient-coins

Sam Andrews

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