Spring Fashion Fun

Spring Fashion Fun

Spring is in full swing and we’re loving all the fashion choices being made! Whether you’re adding more florals to your wardrobe or trying out different hairstyles to accommodate the ever-changing weather, we’d love to know what your favorite spring style choices are in the comments below.

Stackables are here to stay!

Stackable rings, whether set with gemstones or plain jane metal bands, create versatile options for lots of different occasions. Worn on their own, these rings are dazzling and eye-catching, but stacked together? They’re bold and unforgettable.

We just finished dozens of new stackable ring options that are completely customizable and so much fun to add some versatility to your jewelry box. Using softer color stones like rubies or vibrant stones like emerald add fun spring time touches.

Blend darker neutrals with bright colors for contrast and color play.

If you’re looking for a way to add some edge to your wardrobe without going too hardcore, try mixing darker stones and metals with brighter ones. For example, pyrite and amazonite look amazing paired together, as do lapis and rose quartz. A softer, pastel stone like fluorite or crystal quartz works well with black onyx or a dark green agate while bringing extra spring flair to an outfit. 

Beachy is best.

You can’t go wrong with beachy vibes in the warmer months! Layer pearls, amazonite, aventurine, chalcedony, and other colorful stones for a fun and accented look throughout this season. Whether you’re actually planning a trip to the beach or are bringing the waves to your closet, we carry lots of fun styles that add that fun, sunshiney flair to any look. 


Don’t be afraid to overdress!

We’ve all been stuck in quarantine and haven’t made it out of our athleisure wear much, so it’s time to bust out the diamonds and sequins! Whether you’re making a trip to the grocery store or finally meeting up for that much needed happy hour after a year of isolating, it’s time to get glammed up and gorgeous for any and every occasion. Put on your favorite piece of fine jewelry and dazzle!

Don’t be afraid to try new styles, mix and match your go to looks, and experiment with colors during the spring and summer months. After a year of chaos, it’s time to make bold fashion choices and show off your favorite styles.

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