Our Favorite Gemstones: Sapphire!

Our Favorite Gemstones: Sapphire!

Sapphire is one of the more popular stones in the gem family. Most people are sure to recognize its beauty in its blue state. Known as “the royal stone,” sapphire has some amazing regal history behind it. 

Created 150 million years ago, sapphire was formed from rocks inside the earth reaching intense pressure and being subjected to high heats, thus creating deposits. Madagascar leads sapphire production, but this stone has been found all over the world, including places such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Nigeria and even here in the U.S. in Montana. The first sapphire stones found in Montana were found in 1865. They were some of the first stone deposits to be found in the US to be considered of gem quality!

Sapphire’s healing properties are all about the good vibes. This stone releases feelings of depression and tension, stops unwanted thoughts, and even aids with spiritual confusion. With that being said, it also brings peace of mind, joy, and serenity. It can also be found in many different colors such as purple, pink, orange, yellow, and intermediate hues. So cheers to you if your birthday is in September because this stone is an amazing birthstone to have. 

A stone so popular is destined to be worn by many famous people throughout the years.

Here are five famous women with sapphire engagement rings!

  • Barbara Bush’s engagement ring from George Bush Sr. They formerly held the record for the longest- running marriage in presidential history!
  • Princess Diana was given a sapphire engagement ring from Prince Charles.
  • Actress Penelope Cruz has a 3-carat sapphire ring.
  • Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was given to her by Prince William. This ring is the same ring mentioned before that previously belonged to his mother Lady Diana.
  • Empress Josephine was proposed to by Napoleon Bonaparte and the sapphire ring included two tear shaped gemstones, one sapphire and one diamond.

Design House Jewelry Studio has many different sapphire pieces. We include designs with all different colors of the stone. Our yellow sapphire is sure to dazzle you! So make sure to check in with the gemstone experts at Design House when you’re ready for your next sapphire piece!

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For many years now, I have known and followed my favorite jeweler! She has always been kind beyond measure and eager to please. Her knowledge and skill have proven her worth time and time again. The pieces that I have acquired from Design House Jewelry are treasured pieces! Thank you Linda for your commitment to true customer service.

Fran Dorton

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