Our Favorite Gemstones: Opal!

Our Favorite Gemstones: Opal!

boulder opal pendant waco txIf you’ve ever seen an opal, chances are you have most likely been amazed by its unique beauty, just like all of us at Design House!

With its extensive history and background, opals are so vastly unusual, but mesmerizing.

From being one of the only gemstones that we have found on other planets, like Mars, and even being Queen Victoria’s favorite gem, we are sure you will fall in love with opals as well.

Opals were first found in Kenya, located in a cave. They are believed to have originated in Ethiopia around 4000 BC, however, miners found the opals here in the U.S. around the 1990s. Despite all of this, Australia has been leading the production of opals since the 1800s. They produce 95% of the world's gemstone, including black opals, lightning ridge opals, and boulder opals. Lightning ridge opals have their name because they are found in Lightning Ridge, Australia. Boulder opals mean that the gemstone is still connected to its host rock.

custom opal pendant

If you were born in October, then lucky you! Opals are one of October's two birthstones. This stone, which is created by rain and resembles a colorful rainbow, has some awesome healing properties, such as loyalty, faithfulness, and peace. Wearing an opal is said to be helpful in keeping away others' negative energy and thoughts. With all this to offer, it only makes sense that opal is also considered a lucky stone.

amazing opal and diamond pendant waco txDesign House Jewelry Studio offers many different unique opal pieces, including both boulder and lightning ridge opals.

Our custom designs are sure to bring together any summer outfit combined with opals dazzling colors. We would even love to design a custom piece for you with your own opal if you have one! 

Get in touch with our jewelry experts by sending a text to (254) 717-7431 or sending an email to ilikestones2@yahoo.com.

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