Our favorite gemstones: Garnet!

Our favorite gemstones: Garnet!

When one hears the word “garnet” many things may come to mind, such as iconic characters and the birth stone for the month of January. However, this gemstone brings even more to the table from being found in history all over the world and many aspects of the media world as well. Garnet is a stone with many different attributes and properties that make it a part of the unique gemstone family.

custom garnet pendant

Dating back to as early as 3000 BC, Garnet is seen in many different places in early history. Many Pharaohs in Egypt were known for being buried in garnet gems and seeing the stones as sacred with many healing properties. The stone also appears historically in Ancient Rome, Greece, and Asia used in wars and for staying in good health.

Commonly known for being a deep shade of red, garnet can be many different colors as well. Garnet is made up of closely related minerals that can cause the stone to appear to be shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, and many more! Along with its many colors the stone brings many healing properties as well. Garnet is known to encourage love, loyalty, balance energy, and bring success to businesses. 

custom designed garnet pendant

Garnet is seen all over the media in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, being adorned on the many rings worn by the pirates. One of the main characters of the hit show Steven Universe is named Garnet! Even duchess Kate Middleton wears a garnet ring in honor of it being her birthstone! How cool is that? 

We hope you learned a lot more interesting facts about the gemstone garnet. You can find your next piece of garnet jewelry at Design House Jewelry Studio. Let us know what your custom jewelry wishes are at (254) 717-7431. 

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