Our Favorite Downtown Waco Coffee Shops

Our Favorite Downtown Waco Coffee Shops

Coffee is an essential part of our day here at Design House. Our whole team drinks (at least) a cup a day, and we’ve found some awesome coffee shops in downtown Waco that you should check out! We're still adding to our growing list of favorites, so let us know your go-to spot in the comments below!! 


First up on this list of our favorite coffee shops downtown is Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits! Dichotomy is located at 508 Austin Ave. They offer curbside and in-store pickup, as well as two different seating areas! You can catch a seat up on their rooftop, or in their coffee bar. 

“Their staff is always so welcoming when I visit, and I love their honey lavender latte...with oat milk of course,” Bethany said.


Fabled Bookshop & Cafè is one of our favorite spots downtown as a whole team. We love being able to walk down the block and grab an afternoon pick me up from time to time. Linda’s favorite order from fabled is their green tea with agave. 

“I love to walk in the aisles and see the staff recommendations on books. I think that is so neat!” Linda said.



Another amazing coffee shop we love is Magnolia Press! Their coffee cake muffins always make for the best team meeting snack! Magnolia press is located at 418 S 8th St. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, and host live music events on their patio from time to time! “I order a 1905 anytime I go,” Loly said,  “And I love their atmosphere. The interior is decorated beautifully!”



Pinewood Coffee Bar is one that definitely has our hearts too. Pinewood is located at 2223 Austin Ave. 

“I’ve ordered a few different drinks from their menu, but my favorite had to be their honey latte,” Jasa said, “I love their outdoor seating area, and that it’s a great environment to study, as well as socialize.” 


One of our newest favorites is Be Kind Coffee. They have two locations, one inside Union Hall on Franklin Ave, and the other at 425 Lake Air Dr. 

“I recently tried their Bee Kind and it was amazing,” Ciara said, “It had the perfect balance of sweetness and their Union Hall location makes it so easy to stop in on my way to work!”


The most recent coffee shop in downtown Waco, Bitty & Beau's is serving up delicious drink options with a purpose. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Bitty & Beau's is more than a coffee shop. They employ people with disabilities, which creates a welcoming, positive, memorable experience.

"I so enjoyed my time at Bitty & Beau's, and the delicious tea I ordered," Linda said, "Their karaoke break absolutely made my day!" Stop by their new location at 110 Franklin Avenue!

Whether you’re a java fiend or prefer other types of liquid pick-me-ups, all of these downtown Waco coffee shops have a wide variety of beverage options, photo ops, and amazing team members. Let us know your go-to coffee spot and who we should check out next in the comments below!

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Hey y’all! We haven’t made it to all of the wonderful downtown coffee spots just yet, but we will absolutely check those places out and update the post! :) Can’t wait to check all of them out – we’ve heard amazing things about our growing downtown coffee community!

Design House Team

What about the newest (and best) coffee shop – Bitty & Beau’s? We’re at 110 Franklin, and all our front line employees have an Intellectual or Developmental Disability, like Down Syndrome or Autism. We’re striving to be the happiest place in Waco!

Mark Sauer

Missing Bru, Lighthouse Coffee, and Bitty & Beau’s Coffee. They may not be your “favorites” though?


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