Our Favorite Crystals: Labradorite

Our Favorite Crystals: Labradorite

Labradorite is one of our absolute favorite stones! It’s well known for its amazing displays of different colors. This color effect is known as labradorescence and happens when light enters the stone and reflects inside causing it to display an assortment of hues.

The stone itself is usually a grey hue, but it’s the lights reflected that make the stone unbelievable.

Fun facts: Labradorite has been found in meteorites! 

Labradorite was given its name after being discovered in Labrador, Canada, in the 1700s. This stone can also be found in Mexico, Australia, Russia, America, Finland and Madagascar.

This stone is considered the transformation stone and is useful during times of change or uncertainty. It imparts strength and perseverance when transitioning into unchartered waters.

It also balances and protects one's aura, strengthens faith within the universe, and builds trust within oneself. Labradorite is a tremendously healing stone.


 Healing properties:

  • Inspires imagination
  • Calms and relaxes
  • Guides us through times of change and uncertainty

We love our wide selection of labradorite jewelry, including earrings, bracelet cuffs, necklaces, and rings:

Our custom designs, including labradorite and other amazing stones, are sure to dazzle and make any outfit sensational.

Be sure to check out our website or visit our new studio for your next piece of labradorite jewelry!

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