It's not good bye, just see you later!

It's not good bye, just see you later!

It all started on historic Austin Avenue. Over 15 years ago, Linda McEathron opened Design House Jewelry Studio inside of Sironia with one jewelry counter and a mission: to provide one-of-a-kind custom jewelry design and exceptional service to the Waco community. Now, Linda and her team are opening a brand new jewelry studio and storefront at The Containery in downtown Waco, with dozens of counters and a desire to help Waco’s artistic economy blossom.

Linda’s vision was brought to life with help from the loyal customers and welcoming atmosphere provided by Sironia Gift Shop and Cafe, whose team of creative, passionate, supportive women have kept the Uptown shopping district a must-see stop on any person’s Waco bucket list.

Maintaining the original Sachs Austin Avenue building (including the glass display containers built for live models to show off new merchandise), Holly Harris and Martha Sanders, co-owners of Sironia, are what make Waco entrepreneurship magical. 

If you’ve visited Sironia recently, you’ve likely heard Martha’s infectious laugh or admired Holly’s remarkable fashion choice of the day. The dynamic duo take #BossBabes to the next level. (Be sure to check out their clothing boutique, Flirty Birds, next time you stop by!)

While the Design House team is excited to embark on a thrilling new adventure, they will certainly miss the building and people that made this all possible all those years ago. Without the support of the Sironia team over the years, the growth of Design House would not have been possible.

P.S. You've got to try the strawberry cake!


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As a new Waco resident, I was introduced to Design House and Sironia by my friend Johnnie Farmer of McGregor. Love both and appreciate especially the beautiful pendant designed by Linda for me from a diamond ring.
Hard work and dedication pay off, and I’m delighted these fine, upstanding women are thriving in these chaotic times.
Sironia is unique in offering a wonderful lunch and/or dessert experience, while allowing a chance to browse through their boutiques for rare and unusual clothing, jewelry, and great gift items!
This place should definitely be on your bucket list. Special care is taken for social distancing and sanitation.
Oh, and a private room for your small parties, showers, birthdays and other special occasions is available too!
See you at Sironia!

Judy Adams

I’m so excited for you and your staff. Can’t wait to visit your new home! Congratulations!

Georgia Kapczynski

So happy for you. You followed your dream and you are fulfilling your purpose. Praying that all goes well—the sky is the limit—REACH FOR IT.

Reta Stone

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