Influential Style Icons to Inspire Your Halloween Look

Influential Style Icons to Inspire Your Halloween Look

The fashion industry can be compared to Texas weather - always changing. The turnaround for clothing manufacturers once a new trend hits can be as quick as six months. Sounds cool, however, will that trend last? That doesn’t matter if you have jewelry! A pair of diamond studs can turn an old black dress into THE little black dress. 

Jewelry emphasizes your statement, whatever statement you're trying to make. When one uses the power of both fashion and jewelry together, boy oh boy, what a sight it is to see. Follow me as I take you on a journey of three influential fashion icons and their risqué, bold choices, and take some inspiration for your daily life or Halloween!

josephine baker style inspo

“The Black Pearl” herself, Ms. Joséphine Baker, is such an icon that so many have appropriated and adopted her style. Ms. Baker was an African American woman born in 1906 in St. Louis, MI. After learning to sing and dance, Ms. Baker exchanged her life of poverty for Broadway then Paris. Ms. Baker was a class act. Whether it was her dark finger waved hair, big gold hoops, or dramatic cascading diamond earrings, people were and are intrigued. 

Ms. Baker has been an inspiration for many artists after her. Beyoncé, for example, has taken pages from her multiple times. A few examples are Beyoncé’s finger waved hair style on her “Sweet Dreams” video and her performance for CBS in 2007 where she paid tribute to Ms. Baker during a performance of her song “Deja Vu.” Beyoncé is one of many who’s inspired by Ms. Baker, including Rihanna and Angelina Jolie.

marlon brando style inspo

Do you like t-shirts? I hope you answered yes because you have Mr. Marlon Brando to thank for their popularity. T-shirts were originally worn as an undergarment. However, Mr. Brando’s risky choice to wear a t-shirt gave the heartthrob a sense of sensibility on A Streetcar Named Desire. Though frowned upon by some, Mr. Brando led the world to wearing t-shirts casually. 

Just imagine if Mr. Brando hadn’t worn that shirt. What would have replaced it? T-shirts are fun because they’re so versatile. Something as simple and cute as hoops with a t-shirt can turn an outfit from boring to stylish. And guess, we sell both. Hoops and Design House T’s! You can emulate Marlon Brando this Halloween or any day of the week with a simple tee, rolled up jeans, and slicked back hair.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, the beautifully amazing and talented Ms. Jane Fonda. I couldn’t forget the legend in her own right. From fighting for our planet to the red carpet, Ms. Fonda is always dressed to impress. However, she stunned at the 2018 Emmy’s in a hot pink straight gown. Shaming everyone, Ms. Fonda glided the red carpet looking ready to be snapped from every angle. She doesn’t have a bad side. But no, Ms. Fonda didn’t stop there. She accentuated her gown with beautiful diamond and emerald earrings as she layered 2 diamond necklaces. Talk about shining bright like a diamond! Ms. Fonda married both fashion and jewels beautifully to create an awe inspiring look. It doesn’t get much better than Ms. Fonda.

Did we mention your favorite style icon? Who are you emulating this weekend for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below or by tagging us in your diva-licious costumes!

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