How to use crystals in your life

How to use crystals in your life

Crystals are being used more and more lately. Whether you are using them for their healing properties, or an energy boost, here are some great ways you can use crystals in your life!


Amethyst is a perfect crystal to place in your living room or any space where loved ones will be gathering! It purifies the energies in your space to get rid of any negativity lingering. Amethyst welcomes tranquil, and relaxing vibes which makes it perfect for any household!

Rose quartz is known for its gentle, compassionate, and loving energy. This makes it a favorite crystal for the bedroom, but also any room where you may want to welcome some extra love!

Black tourmaline is known as the “stone of protection.” You can use it in your entryways to keep all negativity out of your home! 


There are many different ways to gift crystals. You can gift crystals from your own personal collection, which is good if you’re looking to pass on a crystal that has special meaning to you.

You can also head to your local crystal shop and select a new one, or even pick out a sweet piece of jewelry that uses the stone so that whoever you are gifting it to is able to wear it everyday! Whichever way you decide to give a crystal, you will want to cleanse, and set an intention for it!

Beauty Routine

Beauty Routines can often feel exhausting or draining, which makes crystals perfect to use because they can boost creativity and can ultimately surround your routine with more positivity. Here are some ways you can implement crystals into your daily skincare routine!

Crystal facial rollers are good for improving circulation, encouraging lymph function, and easing tension in your facial muscles! When putting on your facial creams and oils you can reduce puffiness and eliminate fluid build up by massaging your face with a crystal gua sha! You can also use crystal infused products! Many crystal infused products are good for giving your skin a natural glow, and they contain energetic benefits!

Whether you're new to crystals or an expert, we have lots of crystal decor and jewelry for you to check out next time you're in our neighborhood. Check out our crystal selections at 319 S. 4th St, B100, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm.

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