Fall Fashion Forecast

Fall Fashion Forecast

The changing of the seasons is always a great time to research and reflect on what the up and coming looks will be for the remainder of the year. We know long sweaters and tall boots are a must, but what’s going on in the jewelry industry that stands out as innovative, interesting, and unforgettable?

Our team took a look at some of the fall jewelry trend forecasts and broke down what we’re looking forward to the most for the upcoming season. Let us know what your favorite fall jewelry look is in the comments below.


Multi Stone Rainbow Pieces & Bold Color Combos 

Color, color, color! The experts in the jewelry business are calling this the top look for the fall. On top of rainbow pieces, bold color combinations are a must have for any fall collection. 

We’re loving our dainty rainbow gemstone stackable ring, as well as our Paraiba tourmaline and Padparadscha sapphire pendant for a striking color combo.



Layering Bracelets, Necklaces, and Rings

This one comes as no surprise! It’s trendy and convenient to stack necklaces in the fall, especially when paired with long sweaters. We love stacking bracelets because it gives us the opportunity to show off several pieces that we love all at once.

Check out our paper clip chains and necklaces for added texture and dimension to a layering look. 


Whimsical Celestial Themed Jewelry

The stars at night are big and bright! This was easily one of the most common themes amongst artists at JCK in Vegas, and we loved it! Moons, planets, stars, lightning bolts, rainbows, and everything under (or around) the sun.

We came back with new celestial pieces, like this super cute pearl and CZ layering choker, or this absolutely stunning diamond necklace that we named Daybreak. 


Protective Pieces

Whether it's a pair of pyrite earrings that give off good vibes while banishing bad ones, a sentimental cross necklace to wear over your heart, or an ancient coin piece that makes you feel like the warrior woman you are, jewelry pieces designed to protect AND dazzle are one of the go to looks for the fall season. 


Art Deco Dazzles

It’s the roaring 20s all over again. Art deco inspired pieces, with a modern twist, are making a serious comeback. Sharp geometric patterns with contrasting color schemes are the main focal points for this particular style of jewelry. 

Our architecturally inspired Downtown collection takes a modern, simplistic approach to traditional art deco themes. This custom tanzanite, diamond, and rubellite ring perfectly encapsulates the style.

Pretty Personalized Pieces 

Express yourself with one-of-a-kind designs this fall. Whether it’s a custom made branches birthstone ring or one of our other Design House originals that can’t be replicated, it’s all about carrying yourself with originality and personalization. 

Our initial necklaces are a great personalized every day look! 

Show-Stopping Statement Earrings

Zoom meetings might be making a comeback, so make sure you’re laptop camera ready with a pair of show stopping statement earrings, like our gorgeous ametrine golden sapphire bar earrings from our Sticks & Stones collection. 

These gorgeous Wisp threader earrings add sparkle to any outfit without breaking the bank or weighing down your ears. Add an ear cuff to your wardrobe for extra pizazz!

What trend are you looking forward to jumping on this fall? What's your favorite stone to wear during the autumn months? Let us know in the comments below!

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