Embrace the Good Vibes: Crystals for All Occasions

Embrace the Good Vibes: Crystals for All Occasions

After the year we all had in 2020, it’s time to embrace and promote the good vibes across all aspects of our lives. Whether you’re dipping your toe in the crystal collecting waters or just want to feel amazing in something that expresses your personality, we’re celebrating positivity and inspiration with our new crystal options. 

Check out our recommendations below for how to bring good vibes into your home and life! Be sure to enter our Guess the Good Vibes Giveaway online or in person.


Simple, but eye catching, these crystal quartz circle drop earrings match with EVERYTHING! Crystal quartz is known as the ultimate healing stone. Its clear color makes it the perfect manifestation stone - helping us take in what we truly need from our environments. 


CRYSTAL CANDLE - $22 (in store only)

Available in rose quartz, tiger’s eye, black obsidian, sea opal, and amethyst, our wide variety of crystal candles brighten any room and bring all the good vibes! These hand poured treasures have a crystal at the bottom - so you get an amazing candle and crystal in one!


We could all use some extra help in the good luck, good night, and good vibes departments, which is exactly why we created these specially curated crystal kits, perfect for beginner crystal carriers. We had one lovely customer carry the good luck crystal kit in her purse to a job interview and she landed the job! Keep them in your car, bag, under your pillow, or decorated around your home for positive vibes. 




Combine all the good energies by adding essential oils to these gorgeous hand carved crystal necklaces, available in rose quartz, tiger’s eye, green agate, amethyst, and pearl. The oil or perfume slowly moves from inside the stone onto your skin in a subtle, enjoyable fashion. 


BELLA & BEYONCE - $2,200+ (in store only) 

If you’re looking for some divalicious additions to your home, our sister duos Beyonce and Bella are memorable, sparkling pieces that bring pounds and pounds of good energy into any environment they sit in. Bella, a 24 pound piece of crystal quartz from Arkansas, dazzles and shimmers in the light while Beyonce, a 116 pound Amethyst cathedral, demands presence in a regal and shimmering way! 



Carry a little slice of the magic that crystals create with you with these gorgeous, organic open agate slice earrings. Available in varying color ranges and styles, these natural beauties make a statement 


AGATE SLICE BOOKENDS - $38 (in store only)

Rugged and eye-catching, these genuine agate slice bookends add character and energy to any room. Perfect for a home office or public work space, these bookends are artsy and unique. 

However you’d like to manifest good energy into your life, the crystal lovers at Design House are here to help! Stop by our studio by Saturday, 01/23, to submit your good vibes crystal guess in person for a chance to win our good vibes box, which includes some of these incredible products!

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