Design House Recommends: Summer Beverages!

Design House Recommends: Summer Beverages!

At Design House, we know Texas summers can be intense. Don’t let the hot sun put a damper on your experience when exploring Waco. We’ve put together a list of places for you to stop in to stay refreshed and beat the heat! Check out our picks for the wide variety of amazing local spots to find drinks in downtown Waco:

Fabled Bookshop & Cafe - Raspberry Cordial

Fabled is definitely one of our favorite spots as a team. Their menu is full of fun literature inspired drinks, the atmosphere is great, and it’s right down the block from us! It’s a win, win, WIN situation! Cool down at Fabled this summer with a Raspberry Cordial, cream soda made with raspberry syrup, cream of coconut, and a hint of vanilla and lemon! 

J-Petal - Lemon Mango Sparkling Water

J-Petal is a locally operated business that specializes in fresh, healthy menu options. You can stop into J-Petal and get one of their handcrafted beverages in their signature light bulb souvenir cup! You can choose between a Thai ice tea, colada, sparkling water, and green tea! 



Waco Cha - Passion Fruit Green Tea with Boba

We love Waco Cha for many reasons, one being their awesome seasonal menu! They have captured the perfect balance of flavors we all crave on a hot summer day. You can swing over to Franklin Ave and grab a passion fruit green tea from their seasonal menu, or try Bethany’s favorite drink the Wacoco! 

Helados La Azteca - Watermelon Michelagua

This paleteria is a family owned and operated business that has grown here in Waco for years. Their menu is full of traditional and homemade Mexican treats and beverages that are perfect for the summer heat including paletas, michelaguas, and various aquas frescas. Give one a try at either their Colcord or Franklin location! 

Bare Bucha - Ginger Lime Kombucha on tap

Barebucha’s mission is providing the best-tasting, most probiotic-rich, low-sugar kombucha available on the market. They have some awesome flavors we know you’ll love like ginger lime, strawberry lemonade, or you can try their summer seasonal flavor watermelon mint! Stop by their Brewery+Tap Room on Washington Avenue to get a cup or you can buy a bottle at one of our local H-E-B as well!

What's your favorite thirst-quenching beverage for the brutal summer months? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram page!
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