Design House Favorites: Best Photo Ops in Downtown Waco

Design House Favorites: Best Photo Ops in Downtown Waco

With downtown Waco’s expansion, there are more and more places to visit, and more photo-worthy areas we think you should check out while here! Here is a list of the places we think would fit any instagram aesthetic perfectly:

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits

We LOVE Dichotomy. You may even recognize it as the scene for some of our photos! They are located one 508 Austin Ave. If you catch a seat close to the front windows you can get a nice photo sipping your coffee, or you can head to their rooftop for a picture in front of their awesome Waco mural!

Green Door Lofts

The green door in front of the Green Door Lofts on 714 Austin Ave is one of the coolest, yet simple backgrounds you could get in a picture. Just a candid picture of you leaning up against the door or walking past it would be the perfect way to effortlessly compliment any insta feed! A bonus #instafamous move would be to rent out one of the beautiful lofts and use it for a photo shoot like we do! :) 

Fabled Bookshop and Cafe

Fabled has a couple different potential spots inside for fabulous photos. Take a photo on the sofa with your coffee and your favorite book for a sophisticated but nonchalant vibe to your pic. Take a picture in an aisle! Or even take a picture outside in front of their mural on the side of the building!



Lamp of the Body Mural

This stunning mural is located at Columbus Avenue and 11th. According to the artist, Joe Rooster, "The eye represents us as people and the colors around it represent life and all that it holds. I wanted something that would grab people’s attention and bring a positive energy to the area." Super eye-catching and colorful (no pun intended), this mural is a great posing spot.

Whether you’re out and about shopping downtown or searching for the most hashtag-worthy spot in #WacoTown, there are lots of artistic, design-friendly places to strike a pose. Check out our gemstone mural and fabulous floral neon the next time you’re in our neck of the woods and be sure to tag us to be reposted! 

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