Custom Birthstone Ring for Mother's Day

Custom Birthstone Ring for Mother's Day

When Joyce came to us with an idea of creating her very own custom birthstone ring for Mother's Day, we knew our custom made Branches ring was the right style for her! Her kiddos birthstones are aquamarine, diamond, ruby, and opal, so we picked the perfect stones to balance color, size, and unique cuts that would make a unique, eye-catching combination.

She had a wonderful idea to combine her wedding ring with her new birthstone ring, so that she's always carrying her loved ones with her. Linda made the suggestion to create two rings: one smaller diamond stackable branch for her wedding ring and one larger birthstone ring that could be stacked together. This gives Joyce the flexibility to wear the smaller stackable branch by itself when traveling or dressing more casually, and to add the larger birthstone branches ring on top when she feels like it. 

The finished product is absolutely stunning! We love the cool toned color combination of all the birthstones and the larger branches ring stacks perfectly with the stackable wedding branches ring. Working on truly one-of-a-kind pieces like this allows us to get creative and colorful, and to commemorate super special times in people's lives in memorable ways. 

Whether you have a design idea or just want to take a peek at gorgeous, colorful gemstones, our team is eager and happy to talk about the perfect birthstone ring for Mother's Day! 

Stop by our jewelry studio at 319 S. 4th St, B100, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, or shop online and get inspired at 

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