Custom Amethyst Ring: Making Our Designs Your Very Own

Custom Amethyst Ring: Making Our Designs Your Very Own

Many customers approach us knowing they’d like a new custom piece of jewelry, but aren’t sure which direction they’d like to take. They might know they want a bold ring, but aren’t certain which stone will work best for them. They might start with a stone, but aren’t sure if the stone would make a better pendant, ring, or bracelet.

That’s where our experienced artists come in. We have dozens of handcrafted fine jewelry pieces made by our amazing goldsmiths right here in our Waco studio that make a wonderful starting point for creating one’s very own piece. 

Individuality is a very important aspect to consider for many of our customers. While some people duplicate the designs we have readily available, some prefer a piece that’s more unique and hands on. It’s an incredible feeling to own and wear a piece of jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind, which is why we work diligently to make your custom piece of jewelry 100% you. 

In this instance, our valued customer approached us with her own gorgeous amethyst stone. She fell in love with our open aquamarine ring design (who wouldn’t?) and we started from there. 

In order to showcase this beautiful 20 carat amethyst in all of its glory, we had to specially hand carve the 14kt yellow gold setting to keep the gorgeous color play that this stone naturally creates. 

Whether starting from scratch or wanting to find the right custom jewelry fit for a stone, the jewelry experts at Design House are happy to walk our customers through this fun, memorable process! We love taking our designs and spinning them in an original way to make unforgettable pieces for our customers. 

Get in touch today at (254) 717-7431 to begin your very own custom jewelry piece. 

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