Crystal Kits for Every Occasion: Good Vibes, Good Night, Good Luck, & Good Times!

Crystal Kits for Every Occasion: Good Vibes, Good Night, Good Luck, & Good Times!

We have put together some amazing crystal kits that we believe anyone can benefit from. Whether you have been collecting and using crystals for years or you’re just beginning your journey, there is a crystal kit for you! We have hand picked each set, one for Goodnight, Good Luck, and Good Vibes.


Good Vibes

Our good vibes crystal kit contains snowflake obsidian, rose quartz, and green agate. Snowflake obsidian is believed to cleanse negative energy and promote tranquility. Rose Quartz promotes love, and kindness, it replaces negative emotion with positive emotions to keep you in a place of pure love and balance. Green agate attracts success, prosperity and abundance. This combination of crystals emits the positivity we all need to feel our absolute best!


Good Night

Our good night crystal kit consists of rose quartz, amethyst, and howlite. Rose Quartz welcomes peaceful, and soothing energies that can promote gentle and calm dreams. Amethyst relieves stress, and protects your inner peace so it can bring you to a place of relaxation that feels good before bed. Howlite is known as a calming stone, it relieves anxiety, and intense emotions. Placing these three crystals under your pillow will allow for a restful, peaceful, and overall better sleep for you!


Good Luck

Our good luck crystal kit is made up of hematite, amazonite, and sodalite. Hematite is a stone that promotes concentration, self-confidence, and courage which are all essential qualities for welcoming prosperity into your life. Amazonite has long been associated with money, luck, and success. It is thought to help improve your chances of winning games of risk and chance. Sodalite is claimed to alleviate fear and bring clarity of mind, and boost creativity. Sodalite resonates with the throat chakra, which is the voice of the body, and is believed to help with public speaking. These crystals are the perfect group to carry with you to nail a job interview, and welcome prosperity into your life!


Good Times

Through some extra good energy to your bachelorette party, game night, or next social event with our hand picked Good Times crystal kit, including crystal quartz, tiger's eye, and carnelian! Crystal quartz will be sure to soak up all the good stuff and amplify it by 1,000. Tiger's eye will give you the confidence you need to make a great impression and dance the night away while carnelian will keep you safe and inspirational while doing so. 

Whether you're looking for extra good vibes in your life or are just getting started on your crystal journey, we carry a wide variety of crystals for every occasion. Stay tuned for our next hand picked set of crystals - coming soon! 

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