Anniversary Spotlight: 60 Years of Marriage

Anniversary Spotlight: 60 Years of Marriage

Small Texas towns could not hold their love. Lynda and Duane Swoveland met in 1960 while Duane was working at a roller skating rink in McGregor, Texas. Lynda was smitten by Duane’s smooth moves and sense of humor. He adored her sense of style and grace. They were married in 1961 and just celebrated 60 years together on January 24, 2021.

At Design House, we’re grateful to be a part of hundreds of remarkable love stories. When Duane entered our shop a few weeks before the big celebration, we were able to refer to Lynda’s wish list we keep on file for customers to help him pick something truly dazzling for the special occasion. A stylish and fabulous lady like Linda needed something as stunning and vibrant to match her wonderful personality. 

Although diamonds are the traditional stone for the 60th anniversary, we knew Lynda wanted something eye-catching and colorful like amethyst, her birthstone, to commemorate six decades of wonderful marriage. She was given a gorgeous amethyst bracelet from Design House for Christmas, and we found the perfect ring to match.Through dozens of moves, career changes, celebrating precious life, and holding space for losing loved ones, the Swoveland’s are the truest testament of unwavering commitment. They are grateful to continue their legacy with two children, seven grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren, along with some pretty adorable great-grandpups. 

Whether you’re letting a loved one know how much you care or are treating yourself to something special after a celebratory milestone, Design House is here to help you find jewelry that makes a statement while creating memories. 
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I love my beautiful and stunning Design House Jewelry I received for Christmas from my sweet son and daughter-in-law, Joyce – the amethyst bracelet and the gorgeous amythest ring my sweet and wonderful husband, Duane, gave me to celebrate our 60 year wedding anniversary!
The Design House is filled with lovely jewelry for your special someone!!💕

Lynda and Duane Swoveland

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