All About Alexandrite and Moonstone: June's Alternate Birthstones

All About Alexandrite and Moonstone: June's Alternate Birthstones

When we think of the birthstone for the month of June, many people automatically think of pearls, but did you know that June is one of the few months that has multiple options of birthstones to choose from? Here at Design House, we all know and adore the classic and timeless look of pearls, but who doesn’t love lots of jewelry choices?

If you have a June birthday or just a love for stones, we’re sure you’ll love Alexandrite or Moonstone for their unique physical and mystical properties. Take a look at at just a few of the reasons we love these unique stones below: 

Alexandrite, named after Alexander II of Russia, was first found in Russia’s rural mountains in 1830. If you are indecisive when it comes to your jewelry, this stone is for you. Alexandrite is well known for its appearance of vivid blue or green in daylight and its deep purplish red shade in incandescent lights, making it one of the more rare gemstones in the world. The two drastically different colors are said to represent the balance that is found between the mental and physical aspects of the wearer. Alexandrite is also commonly gifted for a 55th wedding anniversary. 

Another beautiful stone that is associated with June is Moonstone! When ancient Romans first found this stone they believed it came from solidified beams of moon and that the stone would bring good fortune to its owners. Moonstone is well recognized for its shimmering features that resemble the moon itself. 

Just like the moon, life has many different phases. This stone aids its wearer in life transitions, change, and helps them to trust the universe's plans for their life. Moonstone channels the Divine Feminine energy and helps women to come into their inner goddess. This stone is also commonly gifted for third wedding anniversaries. 

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Whether you prefer the classic pearl or want to venture out into new stone territories, we carry a wide variety of unique, interesting gemstones for you to take a peek at. Come visit us at our downtown Waco jewelry studio at 319 S 4th St, B100, Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. 

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