Ruby is a stone that dates back to the beginning of human history. This stone is considered one of the four precious stones along with sapphire, diamond, and emerald. For centuries, this gemstone has been one of the stones at the forefront of the jewelry industry. Its amazing fiery red color draws in many and has made rubies desirable and popular for centuries. 

ruby necklace

At a glance, anyone can see why this gorgeous stone has been important to many cultures and different groups throughout the years. Rubies are mentioned multiple times in The Bible. The passages relate the stone with words like wisdom and beauty. Old legends from all over believed different tales about rubies. Some places believed that if you dreamt of ruby, wealth was coming your way or even that if you wore ruby it would protect you in battle. Ruby also can be found all over the world although it is rare to find bigger carats. The brighter the stone, the better the value, so some of the stones mined are worth more depending on different factors such as size and how deep the red is. 

ruby necklace

Ruby is the birthstone for July! The name ruby comes from the latin word “ruber” which means red. It’s also a stone with great healing power. Everyone needs ruby in their lives because it is a powerful stone that helps give courage to take on any task. Rubies deep color of red and shining inner light that resembles fire makes the person with this stone passionate and seemingly unstoppable. 

Of course since ruby is such a fascinating gemstone that has been around for ages, there are famous jewelry pieces to go along with it. Here are some historically famous ruby gemstones and jewelry pieces. 

  • The Liberty Bell Ruby- This ruby is the largest mined ruby in the world. It is a little over 8 carats and weighs 4 pounds. It is also adorned in 50 diamonds to represent the 50 states. However, this stone was stolen in a jewelry heist and was never recovered. 
  • The Graff Ruby- This ruby comes in at 8.62 carats and sold at an auction for more than 8 million dollars. 
  • The Sunrise Ruby- This is the world’s most expensive ruby. It sold for more than 30 million U.S. dollars at an auction and set a record for any colored gemstone at an auction. It is 25.59 carats and set into a Cartier ring.

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