Meet the Design House Team

Design House Jewelry Studio opened its doors over 16 years ago. Owner and lead artisan Linda McEathron, along with her team of creative, innovative employees, opened their new storefront at 319 S. 4th St, B100, as part of the Containery shopping experience in October 2020. 

Get to know the people behind Design House Jewelry Studio


Meet Linda, Owner & Lead Artisan

Linda McEathron has been working in jewelry for over 35 years, focusing on her passion for custom jewelry design and stellar customer experiences. For her, jewelry isn’t just a fashion accessory. Each piece tells a story. 

Linda is a self-taught goldsmith who spent years earning a place behind the bench. She loves to have the music up and the torch in her hand.

When Linda isn’t creating dazzling, one-of-a-kind designs, she’s usually hanging out with her boys - husband Ed, son Tanner, and grand-dog Kap, a 100 pound rottweiler. 

Linda enjoys embracing new experiences, especially when they involve traveling and exploring new cities. She loves taking her team on fun road trips to Austin and surrounding areas. 

“My favorite vacation spot is Vancouver, Canada,” Linda said, “I could go back again and again!”

Linda is thrilled to share this new adventure with her dedicated staff of other jewelry artists, marketing specialists, and stylists.

Meet Craig, Goldsmith

Craig Carpenter is known for being the token male in the studio. Not only does he balance out the energy in the store working with four women, but he’s also known for providing some much needed comedic relief. 

Craig has worked in the jewelry business since 1978, with a 25 year hiatus at M&M Mars. In his free time, he loves fishing and landscaping projects. He’s also passionate about his church and the Bible study he teaches.

He’s hoping to retire with his wife, Judy, in a few years, preferably somewhere close to a big body of water. 

“I love working at DH because not only do I get to exercise my craft as a jeweler, but I am surrounded by beautiful women who are passionate about what they do,” Craig said.


Meet Loly, Jewelry Stylist

Odalys Andrades, Loly, loves to spend time with her family, including her parents, two brothers, and sister. She’s the oldest and also has two dogs, a bull mastiff named Rocks and a yorkie named London.  She’s currently attending McLennan Community College to earn a degree in Business Marketing through the Tarleton University program. 

Loly’s been working at Design House for almost three years now. She loves interacting and building relationships with customers while helping them pick out jewelry. She was never really interested in jewelry until she started working for Design House, but she is now known as “the brain” of the organization, keeping dozens of systems on track and helping the Design House team function.

“I love that I have the encouragement to come up with my own ideas and to provide input to the team,” Loly said about why she loves working at Design House, “All my coworkers are the best, especially my boss, Linda.”



Meet Bethany, Studio & Marketing Manager

Bethany Swoveland is a digital marketing and social media entrepreneur from Waco, TX. After graduating from Baylor University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Digital Media, Bethany spent the following years living in Austin and traveling the country (with a literal coffee pot sitting shotgun). 

In her free time, Bethany dabbles in screenwriting, mixed media art, makeup and marathoning the latest documentary series on Netflix. She’s usually humming something by Dolly Parton and loves supporting her favorite local businesses, like Momma Mo Cookies and Kurbside Coffee.

Bethany was thrilled to join the Design House team in January 2020, merging her passions for small business marketing and jewelry design. She built Design House’s brand new website and is diving into a plethora of new marketing adventures for the studio, including blogging, photo shoots, and brand partnerships.

“Working at Design House has given me the opportunity to hone my skills and explore new ones,” Bethany said, “Linda and the DH team are so open to creativity, new ideas, and different ways of thinking. It’s been a true blessing to be a part of this team and I’m SO excited to see what else is in store for all of us.” 



Meet Ciara, Jewelry Stylist

Ciara joined the team in March 2021 and has kept us laughing since! Filled with fun anecdotes about growing up in Waco and the wild adventures of working retail, Ciara is a bubbly, engaging, creative addition to the Design House crew.

With an extensive retail management background and small business intuition, Ciara's excited to continue to grow her passion for supporting small business owners while studying General Business at MCC.

"It's always been a dream of mine to own my own boutique," Ciara said, "But I'm still undecided and have some more praying to do."

When Ciara's not entertaining her team or selling jewelry off of herself, she enjoys spending time with loved ones and shopping. She spends lots of time with her adorable dog, Benji.

"I'm excited about working at Design House because they welcome my personality and creativity, and make me feel valued and respected."


Meet Blaire, Jewelry Stylist

The Design House Team is so excited to welcome Baylor Freshman Blaire to our team! "My passion lies within the jewelry industry," Blaire said, "After I graduate from college, I plan to possibly attend trade school to become a certified gemologist."

Blaire enjoys watching classic films, such as Singing in the Rain and Grease, and she's an avid outdoors lover, spending lots of time playing volleyball and hunting with her family.

"I love working in retail and customer service because I’m passionate for serving and helping others," Blaire said, "When interacting with customers, I enjoy building meaningful connections and helping people (team and/or customers) to achieve their goals."

Meet Ashley, Jewelry Stylist

Ashley joined the Design House team in 2022 and has been a positive, knowledgeable, dependable addition to the group since! 

When she isn't working on her Bachelor's from Tarleton through MCC, she enjoy spending time running, going to concerts, and being with her family and friends. "I've gone back and forth on my major, but I feel confident that I've narrowed it down to social work or a field of psychology." 

"I love to be able to be involved in people's lives and major events of their life," Ashley said, "Whether it's an anniversary or graduation, it's so fun to have a glimpse into our customer's lives, and be able to help them find the perfect item for any occasion."

The Design House Jewelry Studio team is ecstatic to show downtown Waco what they're all about. Their team of dedicated stylists are excited to help you find your next piece of favorite jewelry!

Shop with them online at and follow them on Instagram for daily photos of beautiful jewelry. 

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